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Ristorante Materia Prima in Cassago, Brianza

Materia Prima because everything is entirely made in the restaurant kitchens.

The menu is characterized by a list of dishes, which are not grouped following the classical schema of entrees, main course and second course.

It is a minimal, clear and simple list of gastronomic proposals that allows the customer not to follow the classical schema but to satisfy his desire and curiosity. The environment is bright and smart with about 30 seats inside and as much in the déhors. This is an elegant and simple proposal also for optimizing the lunch time with different dishes every day; the dinner is pleasant, with a more private and quite mood, full of relaxing atmospheres made by soft lighting and contemporary flavors of the gastronomic Italian tradition. The new restaurant is opened from Monday to Sunday, lunch and dinner time.

Download Menu MateriaPrima .pdf

Opening hours

Dinner everyday from 19.30 to 23.00
Brunch everyday from 8.00 to 12.00 at cafe
Lunch everyday from 12.00 to 15.00 at cafe

Business lunch

Lunch everyday from 12.00 to 15.00 at Cafe


At Materia Prima the excellence is researched selecting and buying personally every ingredient, from meat to fish, from vegetables to wine, personally chosen by the chef, in order to guarantee the best result of each dish and to satisfy the expectation of the most demanding gourmet.

Semi processed or processed products are absolutely off limits. Fresh bread, breadsticks and the dessert selection are made every day.


The clear framework dictated by the long architectural elements, creates a flowing perception of space. The use of stone, wood and the subtle combination of natural colours in contrast with the white walls and ceiling, helps to create a welcoming, warm and sensual environment.

Spaces & Events

Local, seasonal & fresh

We are convinced that food tastes best when prepared with fresh ingredients, grown and harvested with a proper respect for nature. that is why we work, anytime we can, with the best local producers.


Do you really know what goes into your food? the basic principle of organic farming is to achieve an high nutritional quality of food, which is non-chemically treated and minimally processed. animals reared on organic farms are treated correctly and with the proper space.

Highest quality

Our philosophy is based on hight quality products, on the choise of raw materials, for sure the best we can offer. our hands are the instrument trought which we can ensure tasty and fragrant products, in a perfect symbiosis between nature and experience.

Fair trade

Buying fairtrade is an alternative approach to the conventional commerce, which ecourages the development of other countries: thanks to this trade they have opportunity to improve their lives and plan for the future.

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