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A contemporary space with a hint of timelessness.

The Hotel

Integrity, clarity of intents and high attention to detail are C-HOTEL architectural features: austere but not extreme, contemporary and yet timeless, calm but not ascetic, strong but not intimidating, smart but not ostentatious. The created layout has been thought to spread a feeling of comfort and tranquillity.

Mind and sight are led to a state of relaxation through the visual order generated by the design. The clear framework dictated by the long architectural elements, creates a flowing perception of space. The use of stone, wood and the subtle combination of natural colours in contrast with the white walls and ceiling, helps to create a welcoming, warm and sensual environment.

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Minimalism is a fundamental reaction to Noise

Materiaprima Restaurant

At Materia Prima the excellence is researched selecting and buying personally every ingredient (from meat to fish, from vegetables to wine, personally chosen by the oenologist Marco Colzani) in order to guarantee the best result of each dish and to satisfy the expectation of the most demanding gourmet.

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The Spa

C-SPA represents the excellence of physical and mental wellbeing. An oasis of pleasure, to regain harmony in an atmosphere of absolute intimacy. Escape from the frenzy of everyday life by immersing yourself in a dreamlike dimension. A trip rediscovering oneself through time, the seasons and the continual contact with nature. An exclusive space for wellbeing that has thermal baths adapted to the guests' preferences.

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